Thursday, August 4, 2011

And For My Next Act....

I caught the tail end of an interview Piers Morgan conducted with Bob Woodruff - the ABC newsman critically injured in Iraq five or six years ago.

The subject appeared to be his perceived life-after-death experience. Unfortunately I  missed the Nightline program alluding to this phenomenon. 

I'm not going to offer any enlightenment on the discussion; only the part where Piers commented on Woodruff's belief that he had died and then saw his body from above. He said he felt he chose to come back from what looked like a nice, bright and safe place.

No argument from me. I believe this is entirely possible. What I have a quibble with was Piers' observation that this would flummox  atheists whom he maintains are at odds with any notion of life beyond death.

As an atheist, this assertion mystifies me. Even if one does not believe there is an old man with a white beard hanging out in the sky and decreeing who will "live" in heaven or hell, this does not mean that all atheists deny the possibility of life after death. Why does such a belief have to come with a side order of gods and demons?

I am in constant awe of life, the universe, nature....all the mysteries that dance in our heads. Never will I believe anything of life is really lost. We should know from our experience on Earth that all things live and die and recycle. It can be a messy process and create massive pain (as in the Texas-size mess of man-made crappy  plastic in the Pacific), but ultimately Nature finds a use for everything.

Even us.


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