Saturday, March 31, 2012

Best Knotted Tie on TV is Untied

I suspect Current TV will fail. I'm sorry if that's so, but it doesn't break my heart.

Current appears to have all the "left" kind of people that you would think would be sufficient for a successful result. However, there is more to baking a cake than having good ingredients. They have to be ingredients not only consonant with one another, but selected for their ability to arrive at the product that's promised.

I was disappointed that Keith was not active in the early primaries. But I was also disappointed that Current hired Cenk Uygur and then Jennifer Granholm. I think Uygur is a peripatetic lightweight, and Granholm too much like an airline hostess with the correct politics.

Now the programming department (or whomever) has Bill Press  simulcasting in the morning as well as Stephanie Miller doing the same. These are not TV shows. It requires you have real idiots like Rush Limbaugh doing this kind of stuff in order for people to watch for the same reasons they watch car wrecks and prizefights. You need foulness and filth and outrageous behavior in order to stay longer than five minutes with a show that is a click above watching spit float.

There is absolutely no cohesiveness to Current's programming and I bet that was one of the problems Keith had.

Oh, who knows. He must be difficult to get along with but I think it's because he doesn't suffer fools and his compromise gene doesn't get enough exercise.

Whatever, it's maddening because I want to see and hear him. I don't  suppose he has enough money to buy his own network, but that's probably what he needs.

Mr. Buffett. In addition to making sure Barack Obama has enough cash on hand to fight the Karl Rove machine, could you please buy Keith a radio network? Maybe there will be one going cheap over on channel 205.


Monday, March 12, 2012

A Passing Thought

"I Just Wish My Husband Would Have an Affair" is the eye-catching headline of a story by Monique Honaman in Huffington Post this morning.

It tickled me because it is, I believe, a sentiment not foreign to many women and, perhaps, to some men.

If you are a Santorum devotee you are horrified. And if you are madly in love, still, you might also be horrified. But whether you are a hypocrite or a lucky, lucky wife or husband, you might agree with me: Monogamy is natural only to swans - and even an occasional one of those has been seen to stray.

The Chinese and the French share (in addition to excellent cuisine) an exquisite pragmatism that solves the dichotomy that exists between the biblical mandate for a sentence to hell, and human nature: concubines and mistresses.

For many, hell is life with one woman (or man).

Conversely, I am sure some of the liberated men and women have found similar hells on earth with multiple partners. Nothing is perfect.

While I hold no brief for those who desert and abandon their responsibilities, or those who cause hurt and pain and deprivation, I am equally incensed by the people who want  to moralize on every subject extant and insist their beliefs be the only beliefs with validity.

If all the sanctimonious busybodies bent on organizing the world to  their own narrow specifications would cool it, and spend their considerable bile in eating away at life's really bad stuff, how much happier we all could be.

I'm not advocating mass exodus from marriage. I am simply suggesting that we adopt a "to each his own" attitude and stop feeling compelled to castigate and humiliate and isolate all those square pegs who don't fit into round holes.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Basta Pate de Foie Gras

 (A little Italian....a little French. My idea of international flavor.)

I gave up eating goose liver years ago when I was told that those who create it nail the feet of live geese to a board so the birds cannot move; stuff food down their throats with frequency; tie their throat closed so they cannot upchuck it; slaughter them just before their livers burst, and then feed those livers to overfed humans.

It was, as I recall, very rich fare.

Almost as rich as the surfeit of news coming from a gob-smacking variety of political scenes. 

Someone asked me why I haven't posted in several days in view of this richness of news material on offer. I explained my lack of enthusiasm for posting because :

     *  the insanity of Rush Limbaugh (new name: Rush Limpballs, thanks to the creative phraseology of a fellow screamer) who exposed himself (or, at least his perversions) on air;

     *  the materialization of a satisfying list of sponsors who have fled his filth;

     *  the strange saga of  'Sick' Santorum and his Medieval notions of Christianity;

     *  the passage of Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell's rape decree, perpetrated on women who wish to lawfully terminate a pregnancy;

     *  the untimely passing of Breitbart the Bad whose mind was so warped that he made little sense of his world and his maker probably took pity and returned him for a diagnostic, and maybe even a design change;

     *  the mindlessness of the goppers' candidates as they seek to sack one another with lies, innuendo and impotently devastating verbiage.....

..... have provided too rich a meal for us gluttons who enjoy winkling out mankind's perfidy for the sake of our own amusement and edification - and enthusiastically sharing it..

Oh, there is more, much, much more..... and I am reveling in all of it. I'd empty the cupboard if I could.

But there is very little point in commenting on it since it is much too tasty to require any further seasoning from me.