Saturday, March 31, 2012

Best Knotted Tie on TV is Untied

I suspect Current TV will fail. I'm sorry if that's so, but it doesn't break my heart.

Current appears to have all the "left" kind of people that you would think would be sufficient for a successful result. However, there is more to baking a cake than having good ingredients. They have to be ingredients not only consonant with one another, but selected for their ability to arrive at the product that's promised.

I was disappointed that Keith was not active in the early primaries. But I was also disappointed that Current hired Cenk Uygur and then Jennifer Granholm. I think Uygur is a peripatetic lightweight, and Granholm too much like an airline hostess with the correct politics.

Now the programming department (or whomever) has Bill Press  simulcasting in the morning as well as Stephanie Miller doing the same. These are not TV shows. It requires you have real idiots like Rush Limbaugh doing this kind of stuff in order for people to watch for the same reasons they watch car wrecks and prizefights. You need foulness and filth and outrageous behavior in order to stay longer than five minutes with a show that is a click above watching spit float.

There is absolutely no cohesiveness to Current's programming and I bet that was one of the problems Keith had.

Oh, who knows. He must be difficult to get along with but I think it's because he doesn't suffer fools and his compromise gene doesn't get enough exercise.

Whatever, it's maddening because I want to see and hear him. I don't  suppose he has enough money to buy his own network, but that's probably what he needs.

Mr. Buffett. In addition to making sure Barack Obama has enough cash on hand to fight the Karl Rove machine, could you please buy Keith a radio network? Maybe there will be one going cheap over on channel 205.


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