Thursday, April 12, 2012

Promise Her Anything...But Give her Zilch

Is Mitt Romney truly sending his wife out on a mission reminiscent of Noah's commissioning of a dove?

Turn her loose and she will find fertile female ground he can set sail to?

I don't think 2012 women will fast forget the anti-female health agenda he embarked on when he promised to get rid of Planned Parenthood and eponymous "Obama Care" just because his wife assures us he's a good man and will champion all of womanhood...... once he unseats that dreadful, awful, do-nothing, wasteful President Obama.

I understand that, like many women, Ann Romney has some medical problems that are reported to be serious.


Ann has never had to do without anything that was available to help her.

Ann has never had to worry that if she were to take advantage of these agents of help, her family might go hungry.

Ann has never had to do anything she didn't want to do or was forced by need to do.

Ann has had access to every luxury, convenience and necessity ever invented.

I am sure she is a lovely person. But, her understanding of women who never have had, nor ever will have, these same benefits, must, by dint of her easy, unquestioning access to them, be limited, or skewed, or non-existent. 

While I don't begrudge her anything, I don't want her to be a beacon or a barometer for women's aspirations or needs that her husband intends her to be.

When politicians begin their mewling about how the lame-stream media want to poison our minds and ignore their pristine family values and ethics and good works and, instead, spread lies just to make them look bad,  I am filled with skepticism born of experience.

You remember:  "Fool me once....can't get  fooled again."


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