Monday, May 7, 2012

Barf Bag Sunday

I watched Republican "strategist" Ed Gillespie holding forth this Sunday. He looked so sweetly sincere in his pity for President Obama's lack of a snowball's chance in hell to be returned to office in November, that I couldn't help admiring his brass. He delivered his malevolence without raising an epithet or an eyebrow.

This is the talent of the present day Goppers.  They have, through their belief they are the favored species, practiced and perfected the appearance  of infallibility while they spit out their Shinola.

You absolutely know they are lying, exaggerating and spinning when they lay down a memorized carpet of offensive barbs with a deftness that defies belief. Those of us with the benefit of functioning brains, but the drag weight of a sense of honor and  fair-play, are left in the dust, sputtering like Tin Lizzies. (Witness Rachel Maddow last week dealing with the supreme condescension of a Goppy activist on MTP.)

I couldn't believe the idiocy spouted on this past airing of ABC's This Week. Bay Buchanan is the quintessential narrow minded Irish biddy that Maeve Binchy evokes in her amazingly candid stories about the Gaelic psyche. Buchanan, like her brother, is so full of venom, I can feel it splashing on my face 10 feet from the TV set. 

And shame on Tavis Smiley for having to fault Obama for not making the world free of murder and mayhem concomitantly with his having to surmount the devastating effects of a bloody-minded opposition in his own government.

And can you imagine McCain defending his selection of Palin and then asking us to believe it is Obama whom "...history will view  with the scorn and disdain he deserves."?

Where does the gall come from and why is it so hard for liberals to ingest it and then disgorge it at will as Goppers can and do?

Oh, I can and do say mean things. I can and do rant and rave and be generally and insultingly dismissive of Gopper nonsense. But I find it almost impossible to dissemble with the artistic finesse of a Rove or Gillespie or that really creepy Castellanos. There definitely is something in the DNA of these critters.

With all the books coming out analyzing the Republican mindset,  I see I am not the only one who has noticed that there is something very wrong about conservatives this year.


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