Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Music for a Milksop

Mitt sounds like a mechanical parrot with a supply of recordings taped for special occasions.

Last night was "Highlights of Obama's Greatest Hits"  and "Music to Pander by".

Has this man no shame? He is now on at least the tenth iteration of his theme, "I Can Be President Because I Have a Square Jaw".

It is painful to watch him because he seems to have no moral compass at all. Usually, a politician, without deep convictions can fake it. But poor Mitt has a face and constitution that cannot hide his fear that people will find out what a quivering mass of equivocation he is.

That story of his dressing up to impersonate a Highway Patrolman to accost drivers in order put them down and  to assert a phony dominance, is so revealing of this man's abiding fear that he is, at heart, a nonentity.

His role as a bishop in his church also allows him to wear a mask and attempt to effect a future-altering change in someone's life; someone who doesn't recognize that the bishop is nothing but a cardboard cutout of someone to be revered...even feared. A role he can't pull off in his own skin. 

And Ann, his wife, knows it; and he knows she knows it. That wooden embrace after the second debate was so illustrative of what their relationship probably is. I had a vision of him in a diaper and Ann spanking him. Mommy was not happy with him.

And yet, the pundits are saying he has a real shot at inheriting Dubya's role as another blot on America's copybook. 

"Skim milk masquerading as cream."

His is a life Gilbert and Sullivan could have set to music, and probably did.


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  1. I don't understand how anyone could think this man is worth a second thought!