Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Basking Shark

Considering the amount and richness of the vittles I have been  hoovering up since last I blogged, and knowing that a basking shark is the second largest fish in the world, I thought  the title here would fairly describe my present state.  

While I know I am still possessed of a big mouth and sharp teeth,  I figured my tone would be tempered by the ennui resulting from the rank depression that follows reacquired fat!

But, lo and behold, while I still have my shark teeth credentials, I appear to have not gained an ounce. How can that be? I must be in a state of grace. By whose authorization, I cannot guess, but I'm not going to look a gift "thin" in the mouth.

Therefore, here is my contribution to the babel of the day:

We enlightened liberals always criticize the troglodytes for living  in an echo chamber and not attempting to broaden their horizons to include other - (read: correct) - points of view.

However, when I open my Face Book page early in the morning, I am so comforted to find my friends - all, or most, of whom react and comment in compatibly similar exclamations of disdain or joy at the reports of events since the night before. A cheery way to start the day.

Being of sound mind and, apparently, even sounder body, my initial reaction to this was a fleeting thought: "Maybe I should doubt my knee-jerk reactions to the loads of fecal substance that daily issue from the other side."

But then I recall that those who inhabit the other side are: Sean Hannity, who appears to have lost half his audience; Rush Limbaugh, who was said to have lost half his sponsors; Michelle Malkin who has, I know, only half a mind; and, of course, Ann Coulter who is, I am convinced, only half  a female.

There! I have recovered my "mean" and also re-established my belief that I should do nothing by half measures

It's all or nothing at all....and what I want above all is to change the world. Come with me for another year. 


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