Saturday, October 8, 2011

Down With the Ipse Dixit Ditzes

While we are on Wall Street trying to right our ship of state, maybe we could expand the parameters to include ridding ourselves of those insidious, mind-rotting, soul-searing, science-denying peddlers of faith and self-styled morality.

Preachers, priests, shamans, witch doctors and, particularly, evangelical pastors should have preceded the Dodo bird but, unfortunately, superstition appears to have the upper hand.....still! 

Did you see and hear that little Texas pastor, Rev. Robert Jeffress, who addressed the gathering of the GOP faithful yesterday where he self-righteously made all those definitive declarations about faith and god?

His god. The god he is convinced is the only god. The god that he insists must be believed in before you can be elected to any office,  including dog catcher, or even before you can be considered a "bona fide" person. 

Who the hell ever wrote this on any rock, or edifice, or beating heart, or on a mind that contains all its working parts?

Unfortunately, it's hard for me to defend the obvious object of his criticism - Mormon Mitt Romney. While Jeffress is, to me, a vulgar, soulless little man who doesn't think Romney can be considered for office because of his cult membership status, I have my own criterion for a leader: a man who believes in magic underwear has an intellect that must come in for a fair share of examination.

I think I would crawl naked over glass if it would help to free mankind from this idiotic attachment to worshiping at the altars of man-made codes that have proved themselves fallible, evil, cruel, stupid and bloody at every instant of our history.

Further, the religious zealots appear to be getting dumber and meaner. Not to mention how many, on close examination, are sexually deviant.

What is it about the fundamentalist faithful that makes them so far from god-like, but so convinced that they can tell us - with no empirical proof - that they know what we must believe?

Resist,  thinkers of the world. We must overcome.


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