Monday, October 31, 2011

Seven Billion and Counting

Well, isn't that special!

The number of people on earth just hit seven billion. And the putative seven billionth is an undernourished looking female from an undernourished family in an undernourished country. 

And here we are, the fattest country on earth, agitating for person status for little clots of bloody protoplasm only seconds old.

Are we the stupidist people on earth?

You betcha!

If you have any doubts that religion has reached its slimy tentacles up to stratospheric heights of idiocy, shouldn't the push to make a woman's miscarriage an object of legal investigation in order to impute manslaughter, if not murder, to her carelessness the final straw?

I am ashamed to say I'm from the United States of Christianity. 

After we symbolically cut off the greedy hands of the Wall Street crowd, do you think we could cut off the actual testicles of the evangelicals?

I probably can't convince anyone to really do this, but in the time span of one generation we might improve our chances of survival from this cesspit of religious fervor.

And what makes the religious frenzy even more shocking is that all the priests and imams and rabbis dispensing this ordure probably don't believe any of it. They're just gifted salesmen.


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