Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dingy Gingy is Ringy Dingy

A couple of minor pensées

There are two reasons I cheer on blowhard Newtie: 

One, it makes the "true" GOPers crazy to think the electorate could be so stupid to think he could beat the President if he should win the nomination, and...

....two, it would be so much fun to watch his intellectual and mnemonic gymnastics and discover how many ways he can convolute facts.

Daily checking Google and Politifact for lies, exaggerations and an assortment of insane proposals (such as the moon being our 51st state)  would be as much fun as searching out theater cartoonist Hershfeld's Ninas used to be.

Eureka! I've got seven!

Beyond that entertainment, there is further fun to be had. I keep waiting for someone to accidentally brush an arm (or rolled up newspaper) against Callista's hair to see if it will either come off or snap in two.

There may be some few who are taking this slate of candidates seriously, but I doubt it.


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