Saturday, June 16, 2012

Karl Rove: Bag Man Collects Advertising $$$

I don't consider Georgie Porgie perceptive. But, like an idiot savant, he does have a talent:  Distilling people to their essence. In dubbing him "Turd Blossom," W homed in on Karl Rove's likely dung heap origins.

What made me think of Turd Blossom? Because there was his face (along with those of some deep pocketed creeps) on Huff Po's political banner this morning, grinning like a debauched cherub as he reportedly takes command of the Goppers'  $71 Million Plan to oust Obama and put in his place a man the movers and shakers can buy to manage their affairs.

Billionaires appear to be a dime a dozen....and almost all of them  favor Republican candidates. That seems a reasonable result of self interest, but it does make you wonder why so many of this country's great unwashed side with these plutocrats when there isn't a chance in hell that they will benefit from their efforts unless they get hired as one of their butlers, chauffeurs or maids.

Except for a few liberal millionaires who have brains and a heart, the Goppers seem  to have a lock on the cash. But even so, they bitch about all the money that  goes to Democratic candidates from unions..... and George Soros.
"The AFL-CIO, the nation's largest federation of unions, contributed $2.3 million to super PACs through April 2012. The federation, boasting 12.2 million members, is made up of 57 national and international labor unions. Its funds come from the dues paid by members" 

They're complaining about the unions' $2.3 million? That's chump change! But it gives political bag men an excuse for their existence. If the public understood how uneven the advertising playing field really was, it would be hard to generate the kind of hysterical pushback these titans require to see their filthy ideas succeed.

If the dummies the bag men's ads succeed in convincing -  to vote for the well financed loudmouths who rely on lies and exaggeration - ever found out that "louder and oftener" don't equate to "truth and reality,"  they'd be up the creek  where they belong.

Advertising gets the job hook or by crook.  When it's political, you can bet it's both. 

Hey, man on the street! Hey, WalMart mom! Before you cast your vote in November, let me clue you in on something. One of the most successful beneficiaries of advertising to the mindless is the Venus Flytrap.


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