Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Morning Meaninglessness

When I started my blog a little over a year ago, a very old friend (who has since been sent to his great reward after being struck by a speeding vehicle...a circumstance I am not drawing any correlation to) said, "You have to make up your mind what you are going to write about so people will know what they are going to get when they click on your site."

His critique was correct and I have settled on ranting about religion and politics, since those two topics are guaranteed to make the greatest number of friends!

Nevertheless, I sometimes get the giggles and want to share some of life's absurdities.

I just finished reading a "cozy mystery" where the author spent 350 pages leading to the denouement...and then accomplished it in about 20 paragraphs.

She obviously got bored, and I can relate to that. I am reproducing here a poem I wrote in the eighth grade and which has become a standing joke I share with my daughter whenever something wildly  too  previous  comes to our attention. For your possible amusement, here is:

Captain Kidd 

When pirates sailed the seven seas,
   They buried their treasures 'neath the trees
Of some deserted isle....where they perhaps had lingered awhile.

But as these pirates rough and bold
   Buried their treasures of jewels and gold,
There appeared upon the ocean....Captain Kidd with a curious notion.

For he had papers of a privateer
   And roamed the seas far and near,
To harry the French and sink their ships....the order had come from the King's own lips.

But then as fast as doom it struck.
   Captain Kidd had lost his luck.
On the horizon then appeared, a Portuguese Caravelle....for which they steered.

Without Kidd's consent
   And with murderous intent,
The crew opened fire....the Captain's future looked hopeless and dire.

And so a price was put on the head of Captain Kidd who now is dead.


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