Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Nosetwist in the Offing?

I just read that Grover Norquist may be getting the wim-wams for fear his bought-and-paid-for lawmakers may welch on their pledge  not to raise taxes, NO MATTER WHAT.

His reported access to all that heavy duty dirty lucre that he has promised to use to obliterate the candidacies of any apostates could be losing its terror effect.

Actually, the pledge couldn't amount to a hill of hiccups if his pipeline to all those cash backed threats is seen to be less than formidable. And there is a stench around even heavily financed failing schemes that cannot be denied. My guess is that Grover's day in the sun is coming to a cloudy close.

Look at the money that poured into the Romney rumble, and it failed to finance any kind of sizzle for that plucky little fellow.

Indeed, it would seem Romney's pluck has run out and his fun is done, too.

Poor Ann. For one wild moment she must have thought she was going to have a new house to redecorate.

Maybe it is time for the inmates to take back the asylum and throw all the bums out. At least that seems to be the view of some of the wiser little Billy Kristol.

Whatever will Grover do without his Wednesday Meetings?

My guess is that anyone who finds the term "poopy head" appropriate for use on national television  is likely to go suck his thumb. 




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