Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Roll Me Over in the Clover

I found myself in an inexplicable funk this morning and it wasn't until those who know me better than I know myself explained my mood. No more politically inspired adrenaline to fill my veins and set my heart and head on fire.

Would that it were as easy to rid the country of the scourge of religion as it appears to have been to shed ourselves of Romney & Co.

Yes, there were days when it looked like the "supreme" combination of money, media and mendacity was conspiring to frustrate us by working their black magic, but now that the thing is done, it's apparent there was little real doubt about the outcome. Even if Nate Silver and we, his adherents, were the only ones who knew it. 

Sigh. It's true that many of us liberals who normally like to read and dream have finally heeded the warning that a deadly, creeping  oligarchy cum theocracy could take over our lives and our planet. The effect of this realization was to turn us into militants. We took up the banner and entered the fray.

Now, flushed with success, where do we take the sound and fury we became accustomed to brandishing?

Perhaps we should address what  is probably the source of the fuel of the Tea Party and its cousins. Not oolong, lapsang or even Earl Grey, but the self-righteous, authoritarian, theocratic drek the evangelicals and other religion-driven in our society have tried to foist onto the rest of us.

You think they will accept defeat by ballot? Not on your life. And they are like bedbugs. They are everywhere, hard to kill and determined to survive.

I suppose this could be my next fixation. Working toward ripping the masks off the various phony faces of what passes for pious in an effort to enlighten the ignorant among us. 

The inkling for this came this morning when I heard that the underdone adolescent who is the "half" in the comedy  "Two and a Half Men"  is badmouthing the show (which has made him millions even before he becomes a man) because it offends his "Christian values." 

Now there is an oxymoron difficult to fight because it is   amorphous and proven by the religious right that it is totally without meaning.

A friend posted a short video showing another "values" actor,  Kirk Cameron, from "Growing Pains" who is presently bathing in "good news" and the joys of Jesus. 

To illustrate how god is the giver of all good things on earth, he rhapsodizes, on tape, about the heavenly qualities of a banana. "Look how perfectly it fits in the hand," says he. And he tells you how smooth and good it is to hold. It's so easy to peel and it's encased in a biodegradable wrapping that parts with a slight tug.

Only the sheer munificence and intelligence of god  could  have conceived and produced such perfection for all god's children.

OK, Kirk-o. I'll buy that....if you wax similarly enthusiastically about  a pomegranate, a prickly pear and a pineapple.


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