Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bearding the Gorgon

Piers Morgan interviewed Ann Coulter last night.

Maybe I am going to be one of his fans.

The interview was irritating, as are all encounters with that woman and her weird affectations - i.e.:

Naked shoulders, designed to be sexy but which she hunches up like a consumptive.

*  The long blond hair that she tosses and runs her hands through in what I suppose is meant to be a sensual fashion but puts me in mind of a haystack in a stiff wind.

*  Her peripatetic tongue which seems to fork through those fine white teeth like that of an asp or adder - whichever carries the more toxic venom.

Last night, her Adam's Apple took a back seat to the  false eyelashes that were not quite correctly in place as they batted over her left eye at a precarious angle.

I know she loves driving  liberal thinkers insane with her lunatic attacks which she delivers with such forceful certitude that those with a functioning brain are rocked back on their heels just by the force of her gall.

A real charmer. 

Somehow, Piers was able to parry her  babble with a kind of equanimity I think she found unsettling.

Beyond that, he threw her a curve by inquiring into her personal life and in so doing revealed that this harridan is embarrassed by her condition....whatever that might be. That she is 50? That she is unmarried but was engaged three times? That she sleeps until noon?

It was a satisfying interview, Piers. It was almost like watching a boy scout pouring water on a witch.

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