Monday, June 27, 2011

Finding Fun Where I Can

 Does anyone besides me recall a time when it was a rarity to find an error in a book or a newspaper? It just didn't happen.....much.

Nowadays, - even with magical spell checking abilities -  it seems to happen all the time. Either those who deal in words are getting careless, or they are less well-educated or there is just so much more verbiage floating around, not only on paper but sent into the ether, that it overwhelms human capacity to handle with care.

I usually enjoy finding some of the errors - such as those found in directions for a product that is supplied by a manufacturer in China or Japan.

Small and gentle amusements, these. But amusing nonetheless.

Today I found a bonus in a review published in the Daily Beast discussing Frank Schaeffer's new book - Sex, Mom and God.
While the title of it indicates it may tell me much more than I want to know about his father, sex and fundamentalist crazies, I did so enjoy reading what some truly clueless person typed, and even more fun was imagining the perplexity of that person in trying to figure out what it was that was being said, and interpreting it according to his or her fund of information. Herewith is the paragraph.
“Who was Mom as she might have been if part of her brain had not been crippled by her missionary parents’ indoctrination of her, just as the bones of the feet of little girls in China were once deformed by food-finding?” he wonders.

Thank you Daily Beast proofreaders. I am so pleased you didn't find that before I did.

Hell, forget proofreaders; how about a fact checker?


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