Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Is Nowhere Safe From the Purveyors of Piety?

It could almost make you believe synchronicity is a law instead of a theory. You put something into the ether and, by golly, there is a manifestation!

Just when I blog that I resent people pushing their religious and moral points of view at me, two bible thumpers appear on my doorstep - with bibles in hand, and wearing lady-like-length dresses and shoes with two-inch heels.

It's hard to believe since I live in real country. No houses within sight or sound. They had to drive a half mile from the road to my gate, and then another half mile from my gate to my house. And it is 95 degrees in the shade today, with near 100 percent humidity. Is that a kind of self-flagellation?

What would possess anyone to do that?

I am sure my anti-religion fervor is at least as strong as their fundamentalist fervor, but not in my wildest nightmare could I see myself traveling to their doorsteps to tell them that religion is the root of all evil and ask them why they don't read about all the miracles of nature instead of those cruel and violent fairy tales they are addicted to.

What they need is a subscription to National Geographic or tune into the Science Guy.

But would I be rude enough to drive up to their houses and tell them that?
 Certainly not.


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