Thursday, November 10, 2011

Love in the Time of Circuses

I just saw side-by-side photos of Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter  - two of the most offensive harpies in the GOP offensive arsenal.

Their blondness, juxtaposed to pictures of the two blond accusers of Herman Cain, struck me as relevant. I'll be curious to see if Cain's two other, shyer, accusers are blond, as well.

What is it about Republicans and blonds? Is it something visceral that they connect with money? I keep seeing a vision of Marilyn Monroe, blond and bedecked in diamonds. Maybe that is the key to the attraction of so-called conservatives - both those who make themselves blonds and those who covet them.

I sure do hope the on-the-record accusers join the two onstage now and pull the curtain all the way back to allow us to watch Herman explain them away. His baritone delivery of denials is going to be so much fun to replay after he is well and truly outed.

It's hard to conceive that either Ingraham or Coulter would be Herman's (or anyone's!) idea of a wet dream, but maybe that's their role for more cerebral members of their species.

Whatever, or whichever, all of these bit players have sure made this a fascinating spectacle for those of us who just watch and wait.

However, is this the time in our country's history that we should be addicted to spectacles? Is "spectacle" pro forma for Roman-style collapse?

I saw someone used the headline "Bread and Circuses" on either a newspaper story or a TV segment. I'm sorry I don't remember who.  It's a good one.