Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pollutants On the Air

Even an accidental hearing and viewing of Limbaugh holding forth conjures up all manner of things I don't want to see, hear or smell:

Dirty underwear, him, slime mold, flies on garbage, sour milk, rotting meat, dog poo on my shoe, gingivitis, flatulence, predator priests and coaches, stoning women, and now, menstruation.

One elegant fellow, isn't he?

Making that list was totally effortless! It sprang to mind in six seconds. Because he assaults our sensibilities so thoroughly, he writes his own description.

We know why he is successful. He is an avatar for the basest emotions of the ignorant, frustrated and powerless.

The great unwashed and largely uneducated in our society attach themselves to this overweight, over-sexed, under-endowed buffoon because by attacking their opposite number -  intellectuals and the egalitarians - they are provided  with a false assurance of their own worth. And he has the reach they will never have to give voice to their  envy and frustration.

The loss of his voice, and that of his little dog, Glenn, would certainly help green up our world.

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