Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Sunday Missile

Can the American electorate recognize ersatz anything? Or have entities like Monsanto and Fox News and Citizens United   succeeded in supplanting not only Mother Nature, but every other thing we consume,  including information? 

You have to be comatose not to recognize the insincerity of these slugs who want to manage your soul, your reproductive organs, your diet, your vote and all your household goods, and then agitate for the defeat of a man whose main concern is our access to good health.

I just turned on MSNBC's "Up" and am watching a clip of Paul Ryan, the goppers' VP candidate who sounds like a sophomore running for class president. Please deliver us from these opportunists who likely got an  "A"  in high school public speaking and acquired their morals from an unholy and archaic priesthood.

It may be overly-optimistic to think that we have had the good fortune to see Romney and Ryan slip and slide and that voters will recognize their brand could be bad for the country.

There's many a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip, but I am going to pin my hopes on a measure of perspicacity summoning from and to the general public.



  1. You would think that anyone who is able to think and reason would be to see through the smoke and mirrors, but there are people still saying they can't decide, or they love the Romney/Ryan ticket. I still can't figure out why any woman or any member of the middle class would give Romney/Ryan a moment of their time.

    1. It is a knotty question, isn't it. I can't answer it either. Only be gobsmacked.