Friday, September 21, 2012

Southern Fried Stupid

A friend of mine, not known for dealing in smut, just posted a link on Face Book. He was recording his amusement after having seen a pair of outsize testicles hanging from the bumper of a truck plying the highways of Arkansas.
He, as I, was ignorant of the popularity of these phenomena, but we were both thoroughly disabused of our innocence - he in the flesh - which, hopefully, was not a literal description  - and I after viewing this site:
Judging from the comments to his revelation, these cuties are very popular in certain parts of the country. Namely, those states that are colored red and pink on the maps that daily mark the political poll results.
Sure, those who dwell in those states will say I am making an unfair generalization but, unfortunately, statistics are clear.
There is a class of people who seem to favor all the same things. NASCAR, fundamental religion, fervent and frequent  displays of the flag, the Tea Party, the Republican Party, scouring voter registrations of Dems, overturning laws favorable to gays and abortion and "truck nutz." And they all live in what is called the bible belt and its extensions.
And the odd thing is that they, the so-called "conservatives" of the country, appear to be residents of the states with the lowest educational scores and the highest numbers of welfare recipients.
A few (very few)  of my friends are from the South and have an accent to  prove  it...but they are among the few who don't fit the mold. It pains me to criticize their origins (but not much). 
My view is to live and let live, but it is maddening that these kinds of people seem always to have so much of the entire country by its testicles.

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