Monday, September 24, 2012

Wanted: A Class Act

Following this election, I suspect we are going to see a gentrification of the Republican party.  Particularly if the wingnuts in the House and Senate turn out to be losers.

Way back, when I was a girl from New York, the boys I dated mostly went to Ivy League schools and belonged to the Young Republicans Club where we went to cocktail parties, not political rallies.

To me, it was a social thing, not political. Nice boys from nice families with enough cash to do dinner and a movie - or take me dancing at the yacht club. 

Today, Republicans seem to be mobs carrying signs that generally contain misspelled epithets, or pictures of bloody fetuses or insults to Muslims.

Or middle-aged, fat-bellied white men wearing cowboy hats, toting guns and threatening the overturn of the government.

Or sharp-tongued old women with sneering expressions and teabags dangling from their hats.

Or young women wearing big crosses on their breasts - all claiming to be filled with God's love but spewing enough hate to fill the bathtub Grover Nosetwist wants to drown our government in.

The funniest thing about these lower and middle class Neanderthal types is they are agitating for the election of the upper class snob of the century.

All the whores and whore hounds on Fox News - and I don't ascribe these references to their sexual mores (necessarily) - are following along the well worn path of denigrating and insulting the "democrat" party and jeering at what they call its failures.

But in the background, steadily but quietly coming forward, there are less fevered views emanating from some of the deeper thinkers of the party.

Lincoln, unaware of how much he sold himself short, said at Gettysburg:  "The world will little note nor long remember what we say here but it can never forget what they did here."

It's a reference that I am misapplying here because I think the same can be said for the vulgar conversation this country is having with itself.

I hope when Obama wins, when education once again gains stature, when the dust settles and what was once the "Party of Lincoln" can retrieve its reputation and its sanity with a re-gentrification of its principles. 


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