Friday, March 11, 2011


There was a time when I flew into  a rage only over important things.

Things like:

People tossing tissues and other trash out of their car windows;

Monsters who club baby seals;

Religious nuts who assault children (and Catholics don't have a lock on that);

Those who mistreat animals;

Coal and gas companies that dynamite mountains and frack the countryside, contaminating our water right down to the aquifer;

The decimation of our planet's old growth forests;

People who refuse to recycle plastic or even consider takings their own bags when they market on the grounds that "the gov'mint ain't gonna tell ME what to do";

(Ditto Sarah Palin who says the same thing about Michelle Obama's suggestion that we cut down on our kid's junk food consumption);

NASCAR drivers wasting fuel driving a car in endless,  purposeless circles, and the morons that watch them;

People who never stand up for what is right because they are afraid of offending someone.

See? ....all important stuff.

But I must be heading toward senility because this morning I had a hissy fit  just looking at Larry King's ugly, insensitive face, from which only the most pedestrian questions and observations have ever issued.

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  1. I didn't have quite the same reaction when I saw Larry King, but I'm sure with you on all the rest. I don't think it's senility, I think it's the unwillingness to tolerate the intolerable.