Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tripping the Trap

The mind is a fairly open trap, isn't it? Things arrive and depart, unbidden. While it is always thus, this aspect of thinking  has become a new source of entertainment to me. As a lady of leisure, there is time for a closer examination of banalities.

I bought a pound of yellow split peas at Whole Foods on Friday. If you've been to Whole Foods you know they keep all beans, grains and little loose things in see-through bins and you are invited to fill your own bags with as much or as little as you like.

This morning, using a funnel, I transferred my peas to a mason jar. In the transfer, a bunch slipped the stream and spilled onto the counter. As I corraled them, I remembered a joke I heard about  a century ago....and I still think is funny.

At dinner one night, on the occasion of his 50th wedding anniversary, a man felt it necessary to tell his wife, "My dear, I love you very much, but I must confess that I have not always been faithful to you. Please accept this locket that has five sapphires on it, representing each of my transgressions."

The wife, in the currency of his frankness said, "It is all right, my love. And I confess, too. I have not always been faithful. But," she said forthrightly, "each time I strayed, I put a bean in a jar....and they are all there, except those we had for dinner tonight."

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