Friday, March 18, 2011

Verbiage is Garbiage

My best friend forever asked me this morning if I had writer's block...or, in this venue, blogger's block.

I told him that  I had nothing to say and didn't think there was any value in proceeding to say it.

Then I got to wondering why I had nothing to say and determined it's because I have tuned out of news since the Japan catastrophes. I am, instead, reading some gentle murder mysteries. Absolutely nothing there to get my ire or my dander up.

Sufficient unto the day the environmental evils thereof; evils that I have come to understand will not abate while man exists on this earth.

The realization that all the truly awful things that happen in this world are of human contrivance leaves me dumb with a despair too deep to contemplate.

And knowing the truth of this, and listening to the conservative arguments for doing away with family planning so as to assure we continue to produce more of the kinds of beings that already exist aplenty, makes me see that anything I think or write is just so much garbiage.

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