Sunday, May 29, 2011

Easy Peasy!

Everyone is agitating to have the troops brought home. Agreed, it will be a phenomenal savings to the taxpayer not to have to pay their salaries and purchase all that equipment.

Until the soldiers and armament factory workers  have to file for unemployment insurance.

* * * *

There is a new car designed by Volkswagen, and perhaps built in China, that travels 75 miles an hour and gets 258 mpg. It is available to the Chinese for $600 US currency. Of course it only carries one person and his toothbrush, but, still......... It will save gas but could $600 a car support a U.S. auto industry that employs thousands?

* * * *

Scrap health care, Medicare and Social Security. And then let the government house or bury all those who will litter the streets carrying their beggars' bowls.

Beware those bloviators seeking to replace President Obama with their simple solutions they say he is too dumb to understand.

Do you remember the story about The Monkey's Paw?

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