Friday, May 20, 2011

Take These People, Please!

Two of the cleverest Rapture ideas I've heard:

Someone suggests getting a bunch of old shoes from the Salvation Army and then filling them with dry ice and leaving them around town so the Rapture devotees who see abandoned shoes with vapor rising from them will be disappointed that they were not among the chosen.

The other is more than an idea; it's a going business. Some enterprising folks have agreed to take the pets of the prospective departees....for a price. No money back guarantee.

I suppose making fun of these poor creatures is beyond our/my ability to resist. But underlying the hilarity of it all is a very depressing truth: Too many of our number have been left in the Dark Age.

Most of the "enlightened" have been reluctant to disabuse those still shackled by the superstitious folderol dished out by the priesthoods of various sects because they think "believing" is a crutch that should not be removed. That assessment certifies that religion services the crippled! The crippled in mind and spirit.

Some....yea, many.....will think this is cruel. For years I, too, thought it was unkind to criticize the religious and was always reluctant to let any "believers" see how foolish I thought they were.

But no more. I have come  to realize that you do a disservice to people by letting them wallow in nonsense. And, even more debilitating to society, allow them to spread this nonsense to future generations as if it were a gift instead of the curse it is.

How I wish all believers could be lifted from the earth to a "better place". That would assure us that OUR world would be a better place.

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