Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our Fun is Done Already?

Can it be less than a week ago that I celebrated Newtie flinging himself onto the field of battle with all the self-possession of someone who feels (felt) entitled to be President of these United States? Hell, compared to the "Trump-eting Hare", maybe he is (was) a viable candidate. We are talking about the Republican ticket.

But now it appears it's all over....except for the shouting. And all he did was speak the truth. Dismantling Medicare and Social Security while leaving billionaires and mega-corporations off limits as fellow funders of those things society requires, is a radically damaging game plan for the country. Any country, any time, any where, any how!

Why is that not obvious to Boehner and Cantor? Have they never heard of Sisyphus?

All the chortling and chuckling from the left has to irritate the hell out of serious minded conservatives who thought even a twice divorced, thrice married hypocrite who was a former House Speaker might lend an air of verisimilitude to an otherwise unprepossessing field of potential candidates.

Not so.

The field remains delightfully unprepossessing.

 I just hope it hasn't discouraged Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin or Rick Santorum.  They may be my last hopes for a few months of Grade A entertainment.


  1. This is what I wrote yesterday, before I realized he hung himself.

    Why do Republicans think they are good for our country?
    by Eva McGrath Lightfoot on Tuesday, May 17, 2011 at 1:50pm

    When I read that Newt Gingrich's Republican presidential agenda includes overturning health care reform and eliminating the EPA all I could think was, "Why do Republicans think they are good for our country?!"

    The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) protects our environment and the health of citizens. They make sure that toxins don't get in our water or air that are harmful to humans, animals or the environment. They're the ones that stop the companies from using our earth as their own garbage or hazard material dump. But Newt wants to do away with this important agency. How is that good for our country?!

    When he overturns health care reform, will he forfeit his government sponsored health care that he has had the privilege of receiving since he stepped down as Speaker of the House because of his sexual indiscretions? See:

    As far as I can tell, Newt and his Republican buddies are BAD for our country.

  2. Good going! Excellent points. That old health care bugaboo sure does make for interesting arguments from the wingnuts.