Sunday, April 3, 2011

Biggest Losers - Us

I am sure all my friends have seen this, but I am hoping for a wave to develop. An absolute tsunami of consciousness, awareness, thoughtfulness....intelligence, even!

This is a remarkable "essay" and I hope against unreasoning hope that posting this  will ultimately filter into lots of someones' sensibilities.

First, someone who will pass it along to someone who will wake up and tell  someone else who in turn can shake someone awake who will then shake someone else who will change his mind about what next idiocy will be invented to AMUSE us.

And then the sun will come up like thunder (drums here) across the Bay and we will be free - free to open our minds and let that sun in. It is, after all, the universal disinfectant and if ever we needed a disinfectant to fight the foolish fatuousness of our society, it's now, please.!

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