Sunday, April 17, 2011

Don't Get Diddled by the Gas Barons

While the raving loonies on the right are dogging the President with asinine questions about his birth certificate, we are getting fracked by opportunistic, blowhard gas bags of the Donald Trumpish persuasion.

Natural gas is vigorously touted as the fuel of the that saves us from the clutches of the Mideastern hold on our throats.

But the touters are simply greedy gas barons cum greedy oil barons.

The ONLY energy remedies we should be pursuing are those provided by sun, wind and water.

The following will introduce those of you unaware of it, to the process of mining for  natural gas.

If you Google the subject you will get some eye-openers. And we all need our eyes opened on occasion. Turn away from DWTS and American Idol and look around at least once a week. You, too, can see how life sucks in an idiot nation.

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