Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Matter of Convenience

A report just came across the bottom of the TV screen that the FDA has approved a robotic device that does hair transplant surgery.

My daughter, Paige, said it probably was adapted by Mattel from that antiquated technology that came from Con Ed - the Dig We Must electric company in N.Y. - that used jackhammers to perforate the city streets. Now they probably use robots that can handle plastic explosives.

Last week I heard some movie executive say the time is close at hand when actors will no longer be necessary for making films. Apparently Avatar has won over directors who don't like contending with prima donnas.

Now that I have quit, someone has invented smokeless cigarettes. Or is it cigaretteless smoke?

I don't have to shop for anything anymore....I just ordered an inflatable bed and a digital scale from with free shipping, and both should be here by Fed Ex or UPS by Monday.

And forget the library and the bookstore. Punch in some stuff on your computer and you have the newest bestseller on your electronic reader thingamajiggy. Ditto Netflix, that delivers your chosen film directly to your TV set.

I don't even have to count calories....Lean Cuisine does that for me.... if I feel like making  the effort to take the dinner out of the box and put it in the microwave.

Yesterday I saw a commercial for a doohicky that runs on a battery and you  put it in a pot of stew to stir it while you are busy doing........what? There doesn't seem to be much left to do.

It won't be long before they adapt robots  to do heart transplants and birth babies. That is, if the future populace exerts itself  enough to fornicate.

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