Saturday, April 30, 2011

Your Pain is My Pain

My AOL desktop  banner has an icon of little greenbacks which, when you click on it, will  tell you where the stockmarket is at any given moment. I've programmed into it the two oil companies whose stock I inherited when my husband died four years ago and I check it frequently.

Exxon at this minute is at $87.98 a share and Chevron is at $109.44. Historically, the stocks split when they stay up near $100 a share. The dividends from these two oil giants make up a good part of my income. I'd like them to split. I'd like them to raise their dividends.

And I loathe them.

Especially Exxon, which is leading the way to fracking this country to rack and ruin.

Since beginning this journal, I have identified myself as a flaming liberal and an outspoken critic of religion. Beyond that, I am a tree hugger and, if I had the energy, I would gladly travel the world throwing red paint on anyone wearing fur, killing whales and seals, or abusing animals.

With this record, you can see my dilemma. I should be a flower child, independent of reality. Instead, I need to be pragmatic and consider that dependent on me are 100 llamas, 20 goats, five cats, two horses and a very big dog.

I know Warren Buffett is deviled every day by little old ladies wanting financial advice, so I am not hopeful of hearing from him.

However, if there is anyone out there a little more accessible, and as successful as he is, I sure would like to know how I can dump these damnable companies and find a  similarly sound and secure investment that does not make me feel I should commit seppuku.

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