Saturday, February 19, 2011

Feelin' Lowdown and Mean

Let's see....I've plumbed worms, germs and bugs. Looks like I've got a theme going.

Lawrence O'Donnell entertained Anne Coulter on his MSNBC The Last Word program Thursday night. Coulter! Now there is a stick insect if ever there was one. And, as is the case with a lot of insects, it's very difficult to determine the sex. Without the false eyelashes and the long blonde mane, your eye would be driven to "her" Adam's apple. It's really, really big. Could "she" be a cross-dresser?

I don't listen to him, but I get occasional glimpses of lumpy Limbaugh when some comedy show provides a clip of something outrageous he's broadcast. Try as I might, I cannot list him in my chosen category. I think we may have to move to another kingdom...and phylum....a whale-sized one.

Then there is Glenn Beck.   A slug!  Except. I don't think a slug fits the category any more than a whale does. Like Glenny, slugs are gross, pasty and covered with slime but, even were it on speed, a slug seems too thoughtful.   

Ah! A virus! That's his obvious category.

And then there is Big Ed Schulz. He seems a nice guy but he's always mad. Maybe we'll make him a hornet.

Chris Matthews is easy. He's a cicada. He never shuts up. I can't think  why anyone agrees to be on his show. Not only is he so sure he  knows everything, he wants everyone to know he knows everything. He can do the asking AND answering.  Why bother with a guest.

And then there is BOR. I only just discovered that's how some people refer to Bill O'Reilly.  Totally apt. But he'll always be Skippy to me.

I think we'll make him a praying mantis. (I CAN explain that.)

Basta creepy crawlies! Out of the muck and mire and on to better things.

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