Thursday, February 24, 2011

Twisted! Beyond Understanding

I heard, but am finding it hard to absorb, that the U.S. House of Representatives, in its infinite insanity, has not only voted to defund Planned Parenthood  and nixed funds for educational TV (let's drown those intellectual elites in the same bathtub we drown government, eh ?) but they have voted to support NASCAR to the tune of $7 million.

Burn up fuel; it's only $4 a gallon and headed to $100. Burn up the environment; who needs an ozone layer. Burn up our brains inhaling motor fumes while  drooling over the likelihood someone will crash and burn.

Beyond this, the Pentagon has made psy-ops forays into influencing Senators to continue funding the war in Afghanistan.

And the fellow who stands the best chance of mounting a challenge to this lunacy is babbling on about whorehouses in Nevada.

This was just a tiny bit of this week's news...and the week isn't over.

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