Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hair-um Scare-um

For a child of the 40s, with straight, fine and stubborn locks, I am gob-smacked by the hair care products available today. A slave to nightly pincurls - that unfurled at the slightest sign of humidity - my young years were spent dreading activities that were carried out while exposed to the elements.

Viewed from the vantage of several decades removed from those years, and in light of the popularity of the ragged, jagged hair styles, I can't believe I wasted so much time worrying that every strand was curled and in place. But I did, and apparently I was not alone because there is now a pantheon of glorious remedies for whatever ails a variety of tresses. There are magic rollers, sprays, lotions, mousses, creams, rinses, extensions and packs in numbers to numb the mind.

To think that I once rinsed my hair in beer, rolled it in rags and set it in sugar water is beyond quaint. It makes me marvel that I was never, to my knowledge, pursued by flies. 


  1. And yet, with all those products now available to you, beer is still your rinse of choice? ;)

  2. The Catholic church says..."give me a child until he is seven...and he is mine forever." Despite the wildly varying age discrepancy, you get the idea. (Although it is heartening to note that some clever kids have slipped the bonds of religious hell.)

    Despite my attachment to hops, I have given up rags and sugar water.