Saturday, February 12, 2011

Group Think

For those who criticize social networking, think of the myriad reasons to be grateful. Almost daily I see something wonderful; I learn something new; I am touched or inspired and I meet people I never knew existed. And if I'm hurt or angry or giddy with joy, I can yell and stamp my feet...and see it right there on the page! It's all good!

But some warn us that we are in danger of becoming drones. That a hive mentality will rob us of our ability to analyze situations and we will function only by consensus. Maybe. But more likely not!

Perhaps the wide acceptance of the Facebook model, and the recent demonstration of its power in terms of connecting people to information, and to one another, has alarmed some pedantics. But to equate the interchanges I mention with the beginning of a hive mentality seems a little hysterical. Particularly since we are not cheek by jowl to one another...literally or figuratively.

Perhaps some will choose to be led about by views that are predigested and distributed in soundbytes, but this is always the case with the masses. I see myself as very individual...and prefer to associate with individuals of similar disposition.

To me, this phenomenon is a universe of doors. And as is the peculiarity of doors, they open and they close....and we decide their attitude.

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  1. I guess as long as you can open and close the doors at will, all is good.